To quote deadmau5, “Oh man the lols.”

During the Ibiza International Music Conference, Diplo was talking on a panel about buying facebook fans, a growing problem in the industry. He mentioned how, even though he has a little less than 400k fans on facebook, compared to DJBL3ND’s 3 Million (most of which reside in Mexico City), he believes he is a much more popular DJ. BL3ND’s manager tried to retort, and Diplo’s manager supposedly told him to “shutup!”

The manager tried to settle things civilly, but eventually broke out into blows. Perhaps a good publicity stunt, perhaps just some real punches, either way makes for quite some laughs.

deamau5 reportedly texted Diplo later saying,

Oh man the lols. I never understood this bl3nd character from the start, what kind of fucking idiot puts a number in his name, sticks on a mask, and pretends to DJ anyway

in an obvious reference to himself.



Diplo and DJ Bl3nd’s Managers Fight at IMS Engage