A Herr Styler exclusive // The stuff our dreams are made of // featured on Aeroplane’s brand-new compilation “In Flight Entertainment” out NOW on Eskimo Records.

Below are the various links for the 2 Vinyl Samplers, the mixed CD and also the individual MP3s.

iTunes : http://ift.tt/2aELsEA

Junodownload : http://ift.tt/2ahsoc2

Juno Records :
Vinyl Sampler 1 http://ift.tt/2aELdJJ
Vinyl Sampler 2 http://ift.tt/2ahtaWw
Mixed CD http://ift.tt/2aEL5tN

Piccadilly Records :
Vinyl Sampler 1 http://ift.tt/2ahsBMi
Vinyl Sampler 2 http://ift.tt/2aELoos

Amazon :

Mixed CD http://ift.tt/2ahsZud
MP3s http://ift.tt/2aELegU

Thank you monsieur Aeroplane, Eskimo rec and all the artists featured on In Flight Entertainment.