Music Is My Medicine

DJ Collective based out of Austin, Texas bringing soundwaves to your ears and events.

About MIMM

MIMM was created in 2003 by DJ Zonabi and his turntablist mentor simply known as DJ. We’ve been rockin events, doing online shows, and performing and recording professionally for over a decade. 

We provide professional sound and lightning services for large events, as well as produce monthly podcasts, perform live streams, and build communities around music.

Zonabi (José)

Zonabi (José)

Founder, DJ

“God Bless This Acid House”

Abundance (Craig)

Abundance (Craig)

Cofounder, DJ

Meet Your DJs

Craig and José began DJing as teenagers, one doing sound system in Miami and the other stradling turntablism and electronica in Arizona. Now nearly two decades later in Austin, Texas, they have joined forces to make noise. 

Groove With Us

Interested in working together, featuring your music on our show, or booking us for an event? Drop us a line and we’ll drop the needle on the record.

Oh Snap!

zonabi :: acid maus mixx

Acid House mixx from DJ Zonabi. 


Rat Life Radio 7 on LYL(Sept.28th 2018)

Dabrye – Encoded Flow
K.S.U. – Rythmi 55
Mutant Beat Dance – On a different Note
Jensen Interceptor – Route
Lassigue Bendthaus – cloned#3
Royal Family and the Poor – Art on 45
Walter Kubiczeck – King Kong
Kaloum – Cocokoda
Drexciya – Smokeys Illegitimate Report
Gescom – Mag
Whodini – Underground
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Okinawa Song
Les Vampyrettes – Biomutanten
Ebi – Kai
Eurythmics – Monkey Monkey
Aloe – Deutsche Begegnung
Credit 00 – Weg von diesem Ort
Credit 00 – System Down
Brian Eno & David Byrne – Mea Culpa
Alphaville – Big in Japan (Demo)
La Batterie – Shogun
Nova – Reel
Typhonian Highlife – Nano Zootapes in a Tenctonese Exhibition Tank
Lichtblick – Mondmädchen

LYL Radio | Les Statues Meurent Aussi (02.03.17) w/ Corum

Listen back to Soichi Datsa’s guest Corum for Les Statues Muerent Aussi 19th episode.