Ravi Binning has been plotting the sound of Nighttime USA for several years now, drawing inspiration from cold wave German Industrial music, austere European electronics, fractured No Wave and screwy urban dub as well as labels like Pinakotheca, Vanity and United Dairies, with synth and vocals automating in a cold, Industrial style combined with drum machines that are 4am perfect, rhythms that sound like punctured steel and wasteland F/X generating an extremely dark/muzzy air of techno repression. His music digs deep into the more obscure corners of austere 20th century freak so a VT mix was always on the cards. We are extremely psyched to present a selection of Binning’s major musical touchstones, which at his request we are not going to identify. Suffice to say it covers the years 1977-1985 and spans the globe. Anyone who wants to take a stab at identifying all of the tracks correctly earns our eternal respect and a shortlisting for future Volcanic Tongue staffer of the year. Anyone who doesn’t have a clue what they are gets staffer of the year at some other crappy UK distro.