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V/A – Dungeon Rap: The Introduction • Natural027

Making moves out of Ukraine, DJ Sacred is the project of Alex Yatsun.

An ex Doomshop Records affiliate whose debut release “Introduction to Dungeon Rap” on Natural Sciences ushers in a new movement in underground hip-hop with a sound pulled from war time machinery, rituals and ancient runes.

Split across three different aliases, and a host of collaborations (including MC Holocaust, Rita Keen & Devilish Trio), the record draws on the sounds of Norwegian black ambient, DJ Sound, Immortal Lowlifes and old school dungeon synth. Anti-establishment campaigns which are morphed and screwed into a sixteen track record that spans lo-slung hip hop, doom electronics and nightmare breaks. It’s the sound of a new tormented world. A guttural vision of social media decay, celebrity status and virtual simulations. An introduction to the new wave of darkness.

1. DJ Armok – Blood Feast
2. DJ Armok – Don’t Let This Be Your Death Wish
3. DJ Armok – Intro
4. DJ Armok – Misery ft. MC Holocaust
5. DJ Armok – Murder ft. Devilish Trio
6. DJ Armok – The End
7. DJ Armok – Victim

8. DJ Bishop – Take Care of ya Bidnez
9. DJ Bishop – The Bishop
10.DJ Bishop – Underworld
11. DJ Bishop & DJ Sacred – Dungeon Playaz
12.DJ Bishop – Ride Heavy

13. Pillbox – Chronic Pain
14. Pillbox – Days of Harvest
15. Pillbox – Insomnia

Choice Mix: Spencer Clark

Crafting mystery around himself, Spencer Clark is a musician who draws inspiration from his travels and dreams to create an original sound. Starting out as one half of the noisey punk rock duo The Skaters alongside fellow electronic producer James Ferraro, Clark now releases music under his own name and monikers as such as Monopoly Child and Typhonian Highlife, the latter of which has given us his most recent album, The World of Shells. The third instalment in a series of records on the KRAAK label, The World of Shells is a wacky tapestry of sounds that draws from Clark’s travels through Hollywood, Hanging Rock, Australia, and The Ear of Dionysus in Sicily: the occult, ’80s pop sonics, field recordings, DMT-soaked exotica, guttural animal sounds, bubbling tides, sci-fi aquatics; as entertaining as it is bizarre.

Originally broadcast on redbullradio.com on June 27th 2017. Choice Mix is Red Bull Radio’s home for mixes from some of the world’s most forward-thinking DJs. Unconstrained by location or genre, each Choice Mix spotlights a unique artist from the global underground whose style is pushing music forward.

Engineered by Joe Hazan and Ryan Woodhall

Oh Snap!

zonabi :: acid maus mixx

“God Bless This Acid House”
dj mix by zonabi
2x technics 1210 m5gs
1x numark matrix3

features ellen allien, chemical bros, jon creamer & stephane k, wagon christ


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