Sunrise is my favorite way to describe the magic of Burning Man.

There are 365 sunrises each year, and most of us consider it a privilege to sleep through them. But during one week at Burning Man the attendance of sunrise is a must. In the desert, as a collective, we make things that are otherwise ordinary occurrences into sacred spectacles. We make costumes for the sunrise, we compose music for it, and we go through death-defying stunts to take incredible pictures of it. And so it goes with many things at Burning Man; things that we take for granted in the real world are treated differently on the playa. It is not just the rising of the sun that we elevate to mythical proportions, but human traits like kindness, patience, uncertainty and flexibility are also celebrated, tested and recharged in Black Rock City.

Through audio and video captures, these extraordinary treatments of ordinary things stand a chance to be implemented in the outside world, not just for those who were there, but also to people who never traveled to Burning Man, and who – through these captures – are reminded that certain basic things in life can hold more value if we so choose. With every unusually nice thing that someone did or said to us at Burning Man, with every unprovoked smile we received from strangers in its dust storms, we will be charged and challenged to pay that spirit forward the other 51 weeks of the year. And every morning, the sun will faithfully show its face to remind us of this opportunity.

So, the next time we need to set our alarm clocks because real life responsibilities demand us to be awake before dawn, let’s choose to be grateful for witnessing the sun peek over the horizon or through our concrete jungles, while most other people are sleeping through it, and let’s remember that we are ambassadors of that magical place that celebrates the beauty in ordinary things.

Today is a good day to be awake!


Live violin by @TallulahKidd
Cover image by Darrin Harris Frisby
Special thanks to the Wednesday morning drummers!


01) Chris Colburn – Neurotic Mother (Petter B Dub)
02) CosMes – Naruto
03) The Unknown Cases – Masimba Bele (snippets)
04) Chris Rea – Josephine (outro)
05) Pollyester – Voices (Baris K Remix) (with Tallulah Kidd)
06) The Scumfrog – Navajo Sunrise Blessing
07) Herb Alpert – Rise (snippet)
08) Dino Lenny – The Magic Room (Accapella)
09) Rampue – Untitled#2
10) Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)(Scumfrog edit)
11) Gus Gus – Detention
12) Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (The Reflex & The Scumfrog remix)
13) Ten Walls – Nochnoy Dozor
14) The Scumfrog – Send Wave
15) Synapson ft.Victor Deme – Djon Maya Mai (Sasha Braemer Remix)
16) Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski – Adsbodskins (Hanne & Lore & The Scumfrog Remix)
17) Pacha – One Kiss (FOS Remix)
18) The Scumfrog – Dionysian (accapella)
19) Radio Slave – Koma Koma
20) Tim Andresen – Lonely House
21) Kolsh ft.Gregor Schwellenbach – Cassiopeia (with Tallulah Kidd)
22) Roland Clark – Resist (accapella)
23) Jamey Johnson – You Are My Sunshine (The Scumfrog & Loosebird Remix)
24) Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Place Of Love
25) Timo Maas – Subtellite
26) The Dead Rose Music Company – Just A Bitter Love
27) Mari- Free (Ray Mang Instrumental)
28) Nina Simone – Plain Gold Ring (Nana K Edit)