Thursday, April 5th, 2018

ISSUE Project Room
22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn

Thursday, April 5th, ISSUE is pleased to present the debut NYC showcase of Pacific City Sound Visions, an experimental label helmed by Spencer Clark, well known for his work with seminal noise duo The Skaters (with James Ferraro), and his alternative aliases Tarzana, Fourth World Magazine, and Monopoly Child Star Searchers. The evening features debut American performances from Francesco Cavaliere and Leila Hassan, as well as new work from Lieven Martens Moana and Clark’s own Typhonian Highlife project.

Spencer Clark himself performs his Typhonian Highlife project’s newest record The World of Shells. Presented as three long-form medley-style works for double keyboard with projections, the performance is a live showcase of a work described as Clark’s “most pellucid and detailed.” With this release, Clark distinctively replicates the strangeness of memory recollection — its hauntological aspects that cross-reference apocryphal pseudo-science, poetry, and ambient culture as they have been constantly sampled and osmotically absorbed into the popular psyche.