Making moves out of Ukraine, DJ Sacred is the project of Alex Yatsun.

An ex Doomshop Records affiliate whose debut release “Introduction to Dungeon Rap” on Natural Sciences ushers in a new movement in underground hip-hop with a sound pulled from war time machinery, rituals and ancient runes.

Split across three different aliases, and a host of collaborations (including MC Holocaust, Rita Keen & Devilish Trio), the record draws on the sounds of Norwegian black ambient, DJ Sound, Immortal Lowlifes and old school dungeon synth. Anti-establishment campaigns which are morphed and screwed into a sixteen track record that spans lo-slung hip hop, doom electronics and nightmare breaks. It’s the sound of a new tormented world. A guttural vision of social media decay, celebrity status and virtual simulations. An introduction to the new wave of darkness.

1. DJ Armok – Blood Feast
2. DJ Armok – Don’t Let This Be Your Death Wish
3. DJ Armok – Intro
4. DJ Armok – Misery ft. MC Holocaust
5. DJ Armok – Murder ft. Devilish Trio
6. DJ Armok – The End
7. DJ Armok – Victim

8. DJ Bishop – Take Care of ya Bidnez
9. DJ Bishop – The Bishop
10.DJ Bishop – Underworld
11. DJ Bishop & DJ Sacred – Dungeon Playaz
12.DJ Bishop – Ride Heavy

13. Pillbox – Chronic Pain
14. Pillbox – Days of Harvest
15. Pillbox – Insomnia