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DJ Collective based out of Austin, Texas bringing soundwaves to your ears and events.

About MIMM

MIMM was created in 2003 by DJ Zonabi and his turntablist mentor simply known as DJ. We’ve been rockin events, doing online shows, and performing and recording professionally for over a decade. 

We provide professional sound and lightning services for large events, as well as produce monthly podcasts, perform live streams, and build communities around music.

Zonabi (José)

Zonabi (José)

Founder, DJ

“God Bless This Acid House”

Abundance (Craig)

Abundance (Craig)

Cofounder, DJ

Meet Your DJs

Craig and José began DJing as teenagers, one doing sound system in Miami and the other stradling turntablism and electronica in Arizona. Now nearly two decades later in Austin, Texas, they have joined forces to make noise. 

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Interested in working together, featuring your music on our show, or booking us for an event? Drop us a line and we’ll drop the needle on the record.

Oh Snap!

zonabi :: acid maus mixx

Acid House mixx from DJ Zonabi. 


LiveSet from ‘Yaga Gathering’ 2016, Lithuania

Direct live recording from the machines, straight from the magic forests of Lithuania and trippy vibe of ‘Yaga Gathering’!
Download the set at:
Video of the performance here:


CLICKIN’ ‘N’ GRINDIN’ Off The Wall, Headrow, Leeds
or; “…the latest from Neptune” (mixed by JIM SHEASBY – 1996)

I can’t remember recording this to be honest, I can’t remember a tape deck at the venue. I found the cassette whilst tidying a room before decorating last year. Recorded in 1996 at Clickin’ ‘N’ Grindin’, which was a Thursday house night in Leeds. The venue was a dingy basement, reached through a neon glowering doorway off The Headrow, right opposite Leeds Town Hall. A hefty speaker cab rumbled overhead, into the night, piped from the main stack. DJ Maro and Bowen and I were the King Cut Groove. Passing the same spot today there is no clue that the nightclub ever existed. Ironically entitled Off The Wall, the venue was anything but. Black emulsion and chrome bannisters everywhere, sticky carpet wall to wall, except the ten square metre dancefloor. The manager was a Boy George obsessive and had made the place a stale and lagered shrine to the 80s gay icon. Almost every wall bore an image of the tacky pop star. Apart from tops and tails, the mix is untouched, it’s a fairly diverse old bag and there are plenty of tracks on here I had forgotten all about. There is a tracklist included in the ID tag. You have Satore to thank (or not, if you don’t like it) for spotting the mix and asking me to provide this historical background.


POSTSCRIPT. this hasn’t surfaced elsewhere yet, so here’s side one.

Jim Sheasby 09/02/2012

IA MIX 305 Rivet


We are more than proud to welcome @rivetadam to the fold with a special recreation of the best of his three sets at this year’s edition of Intonal Festival – a jagged ride across varied sonic territories, from EBM to no wave, through Italo and industrial.